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Sokratis Sakellariou Architect NTUA


Sokratis Sakellariou is an Architect and a GEOAXIS member since 2017. He has been in the property valuation sector since 2004.

He holds a degree in Architect Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. Since 2004 he has attended almost all CPD events organized by the Greek Property Valuation Institute. He is fluent in English and has basic knowledge of Italian.

At his early professional stages his working experience was related mainly to the architectural and construction fields, where he has a vast knowledge. As regards property valuation sector, Sokratis has worked for several years as a property valuer in Adriatica real estate, being also in charge with the education department.

He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Association of Greek Valuers and the Greek Property Valuation Institute.

Sokratis is undertaking a good number of day to day valuations, especially as regards the implementation of the Residual Method and the Depreciated Replacement Cost Method due to his strong Engineering background.


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