NPL’s (Non-performing loans)

Since 01/01/2018 we have been undertaken a number of instruction as regards the determination of property Market Value of NPL’s portfolios in Greece. Our clients are international well known funds, asset management entities, as well as, auditors and other consultancy companies. We have already valued properties of a total value of 400.000.000 euro that belongs to Kairos, Jupiter and Pixel portfolios.

 Client  Portfolio  Bank  Number of
Properties Valued
 Total Value
Qualco Kairos  Attica Bank  131 203.857.680 €
Oaktree Jupiter Alpha Bank  50 70.146.765 € 
Arbitrage Jupiter  Alpha Bank  18 41.314.550 € 
Resolute Jupiter  Alpha Bank  50 27.030.198 €
Arbitrage Jupiter Alpha Bank   20 20.087.507 €
PwC Pixel Eurobank  74 3.516.458 € 

Our experience in the field of NPL’s property valuation is growing very fast. We are already in the process of undertaking a good number of property valuations on behalf of an International fund.

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